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Play-by-NOVA SIM based in the BSG universe, during the first Cylon War. Join the crew of the
Battlestar Andromeda as they fight back against a force they never expected to save the only
home they know. For ages 18+.

It's rusty. It's dusty. It's full of sass. The USS Langport is the ship you never wanted to be
assigned to- until you saw how much fun space travel with the right blinker permenantly stuck
in the on position really is.

Play-by-NOVA SIM based in the Star Trek Universe, post-Shizon. This ship mildly acknowledges
the events of the JJ Abrams movies, but only a little bit. Join the crew of the USS Nicholson
as they fight to keep the Federation safe from whatever threats my come. For ages 18+. SIM
a part of Pegasus Fleet.